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Meet Carlos Marcello, The Notorious New Orleans Mob Boss Who Claimed To Have Masterminded JFK’s Assassination

Meet Carlos Marcello, The Notorious New Orleans Mob Boss Who Claimed To Have Masterminded JFK’s Assassination

Carlos Marcello, known as “The Godfather” of the New Orleans Mafia, was a significant figure in organized crime history. From his small office at the Town and Country Motel in Metairie, Louisiana, Marcello built an empire, becoming a powerful political player, real estate mogul, and cultural icon.

The Rise of a Mafia Boss

Born in Sicily in 1910, Carlos Marcello arrived in New Orleans as a child. Growing up in the Sicilian neighborhood of Little Palermo, Marcello got involved in petty crimes and mingled with local gangsters. At 19, he sponsored two teenagers to rob a grocery store, leading to his arrest and imprisonment at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Marcello’s big break came when Frank Costello, the boss of bosses in New York, noticed him. Costello wanted to expand his gambling empire and chose Marcello to run operations in New Orleans. With political connections, Marcello quickly rose to power and established his own criminal network.

Carlos Marcello: The Deportation Battle

Marcello’s notoriety caught the attention of the Senate Rackets Committee, led by Robert F. Kennedy. Labeling Marcello as one of the worst criminals, Kennedy vowed to take him down. The government used Marcello’s status as an undocumented immigrant against him.

After years of legal battles, Marcello was deported to Guatemala in 1961. However, he soon reentered the U.S. on one of his shrimp trawlers, facing charges like illegal entry, perjury, and tax evasion. Marcello blamed Robert F. Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy for his troubles.

Allegations of Involvement in JFK’s Assassination

The debate over Carlos Marcello’s alleged involvement in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination continues. While there is circumstantial evidence linking him to the crime, no direct proof has been found. A conversation where Marcello mentioned “taking care of” Bobby Kennedy raised suspicion, and he had connections in Dallas, where Kennedy was assassinated.

Despite these links, the House Select Committee on Assassinations couldn’t prove Marcello’s direct role in JFK’s assassination. Nonetheless, his shadowy dealings and mob connections left many questions unanswered.

The Legacy of Carlos Marcello

Marcello continued his life of crime until he died at 83. His story is one of power, influence, and the ongoing battle between law enforcement and organized crime.

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