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The Disturbing Murder Of Barry And Honey Sherman, The Pharmaceutical Billionaires Found Hanging Near Their Pool

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On December 15, 2017, the city of Toronto was shaken by a brutal crime that left billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman dead in their own home. The Shermans, renowned philanthropists known for their success in the pharmaceutical industry, were found hanging from belts near their indoor pool. Despite the initial speculation of a murder-suicide, autopsy results revealed that the couple had been murdered. To this day, the identity of their killer remains unknown, and the case continues to puzzle investigators.

Barry Sherman’s Success and Controversies in the Pharmaceutical World

Barry Sherman, a self-made man, founded Apotex Inc., a major pharmaceutical company, in 1967. Over the years, Apotex grew to employ over 10,000 people and generated a yearly revenue of $1.5 billion, specializing in generic versions of brand-name drugs. While Barry and Honey Sherman were known for their philanthropy and support of numerous charitable causes, Barry’s success in the pharmaceutical industry was not without controversy.

Apotex faced multiple lawsuits and accusations of conspiring to inflate medication prices. Barry’s close ties to the Liberal Party also raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest. Prior to their deaths, the federal lobbying commissioner launched an investigation into Barry over fundraising events he had hosted for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Moreover, Barry had a reputation for suing individuals he believed had wronged him, leading to numerous enemies.

Lawsuits and Family Strife

Before their tragic murders, the Shermans faced legal battles within their own family. Barry’s cousins sued him, claiming that they were not adequately compensated for the sale of their father’s pharmaceutical company, Empire Laboratories. Accusations of financial manipulation and dependency emerged during the legal battle. In 2017, an Ontario Superior Court ruled against Barry’s cousins, ordering them to pay him $300,000 in legal costs.

One cousin, Kerry Winter, expressed deep resentment towards Barry in a 2018 interview. While Winter admitted to fantasizing about killing him, he denied any involvement in the murders. Winter claimed that years before the Shermans’ deaths, Barry had asked him to arrange Honey’s murder, which he considered but ultimately called off. However, Winter failed a lie detector test regarding his involvement in the murders, raising further questions about his claims.

The Events Leading Up to the Murders

On December 13, 2017, two days before their bodies were discovered, the Shermans had a meeting with a builder in Barry’s Apotex office to discuss plans for a new home. That evening, Barry sent a routine email to his Apotex team. The following day, he failed to show up for work, deviating from his usual routine. Honey made a brief phone call to a friend, her final communication before her murder.

The Horrific Crime Scene

Real estate agents arrived at the Shermans’ home on December 15, 2017, to show it to potential buyers. As they led clients down to the basement to view the indoor pool, they stumbled upon a horrifying sight. Barry and Honey Sherman were found hanging by their necks, fully clothed and posed in a manner resembling sculptures the couple owned. The crime scene was eerily staged, and it became clear that the initial theory of murder-suicide was incorrect.

The Complex Investigation

Investigations into the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman revealed no signs of forced entry into their home. It is possible that the perpetrator was familiar with their house and their habit of leaving doors and windows unlocked. Initial suspicions of murder-suicide were disproven by autopsies, which indicated that the couple had been murdered through ligature neck compression. Furthermore, forensic evidence suggested that Honey was killed elsewhere in the house and her body was moved to the pool area.

Despite extensive investigations and the release of CCTV footage capturing a mysterious figure near the Shermans’ home, the case remains unsolved. Theories range from professional rivalries within the pharmaceutical industry to personal vendettas against the Shermans due to Barry’s litigious nature. Some have even speculated about the possibility of an antisemitic hate crime.

As the Toronto police continue to pursue leads, the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman remain a haunting mystery. Their contributions to society and their tragic end serve as a reminder that even wealth and success cannot protect against the darkness that exists in the world.

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